Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something Wicked

Reluctantly, Elle had agreed to go to this new club. Sydney had been begging for weeks, but it wasn't really Elle's scene. She was more into pencil skirts, stockings and 5 inch heels. But Sydney always came out with Elle to her clubs, so it was time to grunge it up a bit, break out the fishnets and smudge the eyeliner.

There was a slight line outside when they arrived, obviously Goth inspired, just up Sydney's alley. At the office, Sydney dressed like everyone else, just a bit heavier on the eyeliner and mascara. But after hours, she let loose and played by her own rules. Elle looked up to Sydney for her sense of freedom and not letting anyone tell her what to do. Yet as Sydney was fearless, Elle was disciplined and together, they made a good team.

They shuffled through the line and finally made it to the entrance. The bouncer at the door checked their IDs and scowled them through. After stopping to pay the cover charge, at an old fashioned ticket booth to a man with a studded collar, they were finally in.

They took a few steps and felt a slight dip in the floor. At the same time, a cloud of smoke, almost like fog, engulfed them in it's mist. Sputtering and coughing, they stumbled through to collapse into a couple of chairs by the bar. When they caught their breath, Elle looked at Sydney and saw she was covered in a fine glitter. "Am I covered in glitter too?" Elle asked. "Yeah!", Sydney giggled.

Elle looked out around the club and saw a girl she was standing in line behind, who was also covered in the strange glitter. Only, she didn't look quite right. Her face looked distorted and sinister. Looking around, she saw that everyone was starting to look like that. Elle turned to ask Sydney, only to find the same look on her too. What was this place?


  1. This is very creepy and scary. The decription of this club is so vivid, it brought me into this place. Great job with the prompt.

  2. Thanks, lumdog! I'm glad that someone else could see it like I did.