Friday, December 16, 2011

Shame by Lara Hill

"Well, I'll tell you this much for nothing, the way that consultant treated a fellow human being is beyond description"

The assertion from the man standing on the platform did not prevent him from supplying a detailed description of the behavioural failings at the upper echelons of the medical profession. The woman listening to his complaint nodded in solidarity, waiting for an opportunity to disclose her own sorry tale at the hands of a consultant. The man concluded his invective:

"It would shame Gabrielle and all the Saints".

"Don't talk to me", replied the woman."Sure wasn't my cousin from Roscommon up with a consultant from the same Practice. He barely bid him the time of day and the bill arrives for one hundred and fifty euro. It's fierce! Who has that type of money in this day and age?"

The train pulled into the station and the two passengers boarded, fully intent on continuing their exposure of such doctors' less than gracious, money-grabbing ways.


  1. Thank you for joining us for this week's Trifecta Writing Challenge. I like your choice of topic and was curious as to how you'd work in the word. I love the way you did it--I think it's probably the most clever usage this week. Thank you for your contribution. I hope you'll come back next week.

  2. What a kind comment! Cheers trifecta!