Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Childhood by Andrew Li

School has ended and I find myself sitting alone beside what Jeremy and I call “our friendship tree”. I sit here listening to the wind rush against leaves above me, I wish I was happy as wind is free. I hear a coat ruffling to the wind, someone is coming.

“Jeremy?” I asked

“I’m not Jeremy, not anymore. From now on, call me Jay” said Jeremy with a domineering voice.

I turn around to see him with the three most despicable people in school.

“What have you done, Jeremy?

“I said call me Jay you twat” shouted Jeremy

Jeremy runs at me like a Bull and hammers me into our friendship tree.

“You pathetic little boy, why can’t you understand I’m not the same Jeremy you know. I am Jay and I’ve never been more content. Lucas, go play with your toys, we don’t need anymore worthless people like you around”

The next thing I know, Jeremy and his pals are laughing hysterically as they walk away.

“But J… how about our friendship tree?” I shout

“It will rot with you” replies Jeremy as his pals continue to laugh

I take a breath of the unmerciful cold air and fall to my knees wondering why life is so cruel, his poisonous words sink deep into my mind. Leaves from above slowly sway themselves down before being picked up and propelled into the distance, I can see our friendship quickly fading away leaf by leaf and laugh by laugh.

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  1. Thank you so much for participating in Week Three of Trifecta. Yours is a powerful response. We all grow older at different times, but some people handle the change with more grace than others. You've conveyed a lot of emotion here. I hope you'll come back again next week.