Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LBD by Dorothy

She leans over the pool table in the black dress that belongs to her friend. The dress that hugs her body in places usually hidden beneath a dull gray Catholic school uniform.

She slides into the vampy sheath and slips on an alternate persona: a reckless girl without inhibitions or a boyfriend, a boozy, aggressive flirt hungry for the man on the dance floor she tangles with in the back of a family car.

She stumbles into her friend's house and wakes to see a man, a different man, above her on the couch who hikes the black dress above her thighs then bears down on her lifeless body.

She wakes the next morning and removes the dress she let shame her.


  1. Thank you for contributing to this week's Trifecta Writing Challenge. My favorite part here is your description of the car as being a "family car." Something about that word in that sentence is just perfect. I like the personification of the dress--as if it were solely responsible for the deed. Nicely done. I hope you'll come back next week. Yes, Trifecta is open during the holidays. :-)

  2. I also love the idea that the dress is to blame for her temporary transformation.